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Photography by Patricia Phillips

I fully believe that energetically engaging and sharing in life is the foundation of all creativity.

 Photography has shown us parts of the world that we might not have had access to any other way. It has the power to shape the world, stop time and preserve history. To see through another person's eyes is the foundation of empathy and awareness. It is often a very personal experience, the keeper of lost memories, a time stamp of childhood that would otherwise be lost. No one has ever said I have too many photos of my mom. Family photographs are sometimes the only thing that gets passed down through the generations. Giving us a connection to family and time gone by. My passion for photography is perhaps a little intense! I feel it's important. It's important for all of these reasons!  My hope is that everyone has photographs of themselves that they are proud of. Family heirlooms that they cherish, and magical images of childhood that they can hang on to forever.

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